Why Shopfeedback?

Insights and performance

Shop feedback is the ideal tool for retailers to easily collect customer insight at store level. In addition to insight into the figures, it also offers insight into the story behind these figures. It is easy to implement, tailor-made and accessible. Also in costs. We offer the option to connect to our API, so that processes are set up automatically and continuously.

Why Q&A Shopfeedback?

  • Continuous feedback from your customers in an intuitive dashboard
  • Discover the strengths and improvement areas of each store
  • Our retail experts at Q&A will collaborate with you and provide relevant advice
  • Instead of a helpdesk, Personal contact to assist you as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Ability to create an internal benchmark
  • Easy to set up – also in multiple countries and languages

Discover all posibilities

Added value per department

Head office

Formula: Gain insight in how different formulas are performing and what differentiates them from one another.

Marketing: Discover how customers have found the store. Also gain insight in the performances of campaigns by adding additional questions to the survey.

Buying/Assortment/category management: Monitor the performances of your current assortment and discover the wishes and needs of your customers.

E-commerce: Collect data on customer experiences of your webshop. Monitor the performances of your KPI’s, like ordering convenience, delivery and webshop.

Head office


Gain insight in the performances of the store portfolio per region. Discover what stores are over- or underperforming and why.


Store floor

Store managers can view the performances of their store in detail and read all customer reviews.

Store floor

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