Optimize store performance

Shopfeedback is the tool for retailers to easily collect customer insights on store level. You do not only gain insights from the data, but you can also discover the story behind the data. Shopfeedback is easy to implement, customised and lowkey (also in terms of costs). Discover what Shopfeedback has to offer for you.

Shopfeedback standard

Collect continuous feedback from your customers

After the purchase the customer can be invited to write a review in various ways. The possibilities are:

  • An email from you or…
  • An email from Q&A Retail or…
  • A ticket in the store or…
  • A (digital) receipt with a QR code

Get insights in strengths and areas for improvement at store level

Discover customer experiences per store and get to know which stores score best on different aspects.


Insight in customer opinion in detail

Know what can be improved by
.. measuring the ratings of the customers on different aspects (for example customer service and assortment)
.. the story behind the data


Create an internal benchmark

Compare different regions, formulas, differences in experiences based on demographic characteristics and more.


Real-time insights on performance

  • Your own online environment
  • Filter & analyse on different levels
  • Numbers in graphs and tables
  • Text in reviews and wordclouds
  • Standard periodic reports
  • An account with login for every desired colleague within your organisation

Easy to set up in multiple countries and languages

Are you active outside the Netherlands or in multiple countries? No problem! Shopfeedback is easy to set up in multiple countries and languages.


Additional options

Would you like extra insight into for example a campaign or promotion, or ask questions on a specific category? This can be done easily by adding one or multiple questions in Shopfeedback. The customer can answer the standard Shopfeedback questions first and will receive a few additional questions after that.

Shopfeedback's contact moments offer a unique opportunity to build a customer panel. These customers are invited to take part in an ad hoc survey. Together with Team Q&A Retail, it is possible to quickly gather insights into current themes. This way you also save considerably on fieldwork costs. In short, this is the way to easily involve customers in decisions.

Have you received a negative (or positive) review and would like to respond? That is possible! We will ask the customer if you can contact them. The e-mails are automatically forwarded to you. You can then get in touch with the customer. A great opportunity to follow up on a bad shopping experience and restore customer satisfaction. Or to thank customers for their compliments. Good for customer relations!

Do you also collect reviews on other platforms (e.g. Google Reviews)? With Q&A Shopfeedback, you are able to get in touch with many customers. Via Shopfeedback, these customers can also be requested at the end of the questionnaire to write a review on another platform. Via the link, the respondent is forwarded directly to the external review page to leave their review.

Do you use your own CRM system? Enrich your CRM by letting Shopfeedback ask if people would like to receive the newsletter.

Interested in displaying the collected reviews on your website? That is possible! With the website widget, you can convince other (potential) customers of your qualities. You do this by displaying the collected customer reviews on your website. Customers can also use the widget to click through to an overview of all the collected reviews. This strengthens the reliability and image of your company. The widget is responsive, so it is easily visible on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Do you want to integrate some or all of the data into your own BI environment? That is possible with Q&A Shopfeedback. By using an API, we send the data to your data warehouse in any desired format.

Do you also run a webshop? Collect customer reviews about your webshop. Gain insight into how the webshop is rated on a number of components and what the strengths and areas for improvement are. The results are displayed real-time in a webshop dashboard.

Would you like to gather insights on specific products in your range? After purchase, simply ask customers to leave a review about the product. Get insights on the rating on a number of components, whether the customer would recommend the product and what the strengths and areas for improvement are. The results are displayed in real-time in a dashboard for your products.

Do you have any other requests? We’re happy to help.

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