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Why Shopfeedback?

The customer's perception is your reality. Understanding their opinion is essential to improving your store's performance. Fortunately, customer satisfaction is now commonly used as a qualitative performance indicator (KPI). To gain a deep understanding of your customers and effectively respond to their feedback, it's essential to consistently evaluate their opinions. This is precisely why we created Shopfeedback.

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Continuous feedback from your customers in an intuitive dashboard

Discover the strengths and improvement areas of each store

Our retail experts at Q&A Retail will collaborate with you and provide relevant advice

Instead of a helpdesk, Personal contact to assist you as quickly and effectively as possible

Ability to create an internal benchmark

Easy to set up – also in multiple countries and languages

Discover all posibilities

How does Q&A Shopfeedback work?It's this simple

The consumer...

Visit Store 1

... visits your (online) store ...

Invitation to review 2

... receives an invitation to write a review after the purchase ...

Write Review 3

... writes a review about your (online) store.

The Shopfeedback user...

View dashboard 4

... can view all customer experiences real-time in their own dashboard ...

Gain insights 5

... monitors performance and gains insight into strengths and areas for improvement ...

Advice from experts 6

... receives support and advice from retail experts.

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